Value Added Services

Customized Packing, Reverse Logistics, and More

Barrett Distribution Centers can handle all of your supply chain's needs.

Packaging, Kitting and Assembly

Your brand image is important and your product mix is ever-changing to meet the demands of your customers.  Barrett's fulfillment production teams have decades of experience helping our customers transform components into finished good kits and custom SKUs.

Our kitting fulfillment solutions are able to scale quickly to meet promotional marketing schedules, social media campaigns, and other seasonal holiday demands that can occur throughout the year.

Barrett provides a series of value added services within our network of warehouse and fulfillment centers in support of our mass retail and eCommerce customers.

  • Pallet Display Assembly
  • Build to Order Fulfillment
  • Rework, Inspection, and Disposal
  • Ticketing, Labeling, and Bar Coding
  • Garment on Hanger (GOH)
  • Retail Sales Packaging
  • Kitting, Reboxing, and Refurbishment
  • Returns
  • Special Projects

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