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Barrett has absolutely helped us grow. They invested in technology and made improvements in their facilities to help us with an 8-fold increase over four years.

— Michael Martin, VP of Sales at Vibram

Every warehouse is not for everyone, however, the relationship with Barrett has been more of a partnership and an extension of our company versus a traditional client-customer relationship. It is invaluable to have a partner who is just as equally invested in your success.

— eCommerce Apparel Retailer

our team has been doing a great job for us. We are subject to the vagaries of major customers, which often create logistical challenges. The Barrett team has been a great partner to support us in successfully navigating through those challenges.

— CEO Active Lifestyle Apparel Brand

The team works with and supports the changes in our business. As the business continues to grow, Barrett has grown with us, contributing to the success of our business.

— Luxury Apparel Retailer

Barrett understands how important it is to turn orders as quickly as possible to capitalize on our season. Their management of the Walmart inventory and assemblies has been great and has resulted in high OTIF scores.

— CEO Active Lifestyle Apparel Brand

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