Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to Continuous Improvement is to focus on making one thing better every day. Our product is fundamentally a service. Ultimately, we are people serving people.

For over 75 years and through the process of continuous self-evaluation, planning, and improvement, we have learned what it takes to exceed expectations and become a Trusted Advisor to our customers.

In support of our Continuous Improvement culture, Barrett is ISO 9001-2015 registered. This registration has focused the company on quality standards and continuous improvement in customer satisfaction through employee empowerment and measurement of key metrics, and customer and employee surveys. We embrace performance-based incentives to meet or exceed internal and external Key Performance Indicators and service/quality metrics.


Barrett tracks performance of internal operating metrics to assist in managing process, cost control, and service delivery.


We quantify customer specific Performance Standards that are generally tied to our contractual arrangements. This arrangement demands greater focus on the customer and works best when specific performance metrics are tied to corporate goals and objectives and the measurement can be controlled or impacted by Barrett. Standard Operating Procedure and customer specific work instructions are fully documented and controlled in a closed-loop corrective action system.


Barrett's senior Management performs Customer Service Surveys to ensure that we are providing continuous quality and value. The results of the surveys are rated and evaluated to ensure that the customer views us not only as a great supply chain partner, but a trusted advisor. 


On a quarterly basis, Barrett meets with our customers to review past quarterly financial and operational performance and discuss historical and future opportunities for improvement. These reviews are great forums for which to discuss strategic priorities, issues, and opportunities. 

Barrett has successfully integrated with well over 150 clients & business partners since our WMS (Synapse) was implemented. We have extensive experience integrating to EDI Gateway providers including: SPS Commerce, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DI Central and GXS, with ERP systems such as Sage, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Infor, JDE, NetSuite, SAP, ApparelMagic, Oracle, MASS, and Quickbooks, as well as E-commerce sites such as Magento, Shopify, CommerceOne, and True Commerce.

Barrett provides managed EDI services supported by our team of IT professionals and through our proprietary integration software platform which enables us to electronically send business critical data in real time directly to our customer or directly to specified retail trading partners.

We have extensive experience integrating systems to create efficient flows, expanded information visibility and reporting, and can transfer file information in various formats such as XML, EDI, AS2, CSV, flat files, FTP, or email. 

We have also augmented our reporting capabilities with the deployment of Tableau Business Intelligence to allow our customers access to their transactional data which provides more tools from which to help our customers manage their business more effectively. 

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