Creating hb88 That Improve Supply Chain and Business Performance

Barrett’s Blueprint® Process is a proprietary and proven method of assessing your supply chain ‘current state,’ defining physical and information streams in place and creatively building improvements into the design for maximum efficiency and overall performance. The entire Barrett team operates within a culture that recognizes, values and rewards continuous improvement. We thrive on creating measurable results for your business.

Barrett Distribution Centers designs, builds and implements 3PL supply chain solutions that align to customer goals and requirements. Our approach leverages people, process and technology to optimize flexibility, scalability, control and customer satisfaction.


  1. ANALYSIS – Barrett analyzes the details of your current supply chain to identify key “pain points.”
  2. DESIGN – Barrett uses the analysis to design a solution tailored to your company’s specific needs.
  3. BUILD – Barrett assembles the teams, resources, equipment and facility to service your company.
  4. IMPLEMENT – Barrett deploys experienced professionals to get your operation running smoothly.
  5. MANAGE – Barrett monitors the operation through KPI’s and metrics to proactively identify issues.
  6. IMPROVE – Barrett analyzes every issue, big or small, to continuously improve service and ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied.

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