Redefining Flexibility: Tailored 3PL Supply Chain hb88

Harrison Smith • Aug 11, 2023

Leveling-Up With Your Next 3PL Using Dedicated, Engineered hb88

In today's business landscape, where supply chains can make or break success, Barrett Distribution Centers is leading the way in innovation. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach to logistics just doesn't cut it in today's fast-moving market.

What Sets Us Apart: What makes Barrett stand out is our commitment to creating solutions that are designed just for you. As the Director of Pricing, I work closely with our engineering and operations teams to really understand what you need. Whether you're shipping 5,000 orders per day or 500, we'll come up with a design that utilizes AMRs and pick modules to optimize picking reduce costs. If your products are packed in polybags, we’ll deploy Autobaggers to eliminate the need for a manual packout process. When you visit one of our Barrett facilities, you'll see different solutions we've crafted for our clients. We don't try to fit everyone into the same mold; we find what works best for you.

Always Adapting: With Barrett, the solutions we create during the Sales Process are just the beginning. Our Strategic Account Managers embed themselves in our customers’ businesses and become an extension of the brand. This helps Barrett fully understand our customers’ goals and future plans to develop solutions to meet their evolving needs. Whether that’s updating the storage and processes in a current footprint or investing in a new building that will better fit your new requirements, Barrett is ready and willing to continually invest in our customers.

Standing Strong in Change: In the spotlight of ever-changing industries, Barrett Distribution Centers shines as your beacon of stability. Our tailored solutions redefine what flexibility means in supply chains, empowering your business to not only weather storms but to harness their energy for growth. We're not just another logistics option; we're your strategic partner in progress, your collaborators in change, and your allies in success.

As the business landscape evolves and challenges shift shape, Barrett Distribution Centers continues to be the guiding force, showing that with innovation, partnership, and a customized approach, businesses can thrive in any environment.

Join us in reimagining what's possible in the realm of supply chain solutions.

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